Nan Rae Gallery
council_st, 2022
K-Rail Murals, 2021
We Are Here Exhibition, 2020
The Human Touch at Cerritos College, 2020
The Unemployed, LAX, Terminal 6 departures, 2019
The Human Touch at YOMO, 2018
Above the Fold, LAX, Terminal 3 arrivals, 2017
News Wheel, Long Beach City College, 2017
News Wheel, Municipal Art Gallery, 2016
Culver Center Digital Mural, Riverside, CA, 2015
Durden and Ray, Los Angeles, 2015
Slingshot Festival, Athens, GA, 2015
Time Jitters, Carl Solway Gallery, 2014
Time Jitters, Grand Central Arts Center, 2014
The Unemployed, SJICA, 2014
Above The Fold, Halsey Institute, 2014
Transitions, dnj Gallery, 2013
Traction Arts, 2013
Installation at POST, 2012
The Unemployed, Dissney Hub, Barcelona, 2011
The Unemployed, Cerritos College, 2009
The Blackest Spot, Fringe Exhibitions, 2008
Printed Matter Window Installation, 2007
Installation, Paul Kopeiken Gallery, 2007
Window Installation, LAXART, 2007
Seen, Read + Drawn, Montevideo Amsterdam, 2007
Disembodied Voices Installation, Art Interactive, 2006
Trigger Installation, Pace University, 2005
Random Acts installation, Azuza, 2005
Disembodied Voices Installation, 2004
Installation, Laguna Art Museum, 2004
Window Installation, Carl Berg Gallery, 2004
The Looking Glass, Pasadena, 2003
Installation for Looking In, NYC, 2002
Urban Festival Zagreb, 2002
Urban Evidence, UC SantA Cruz, 2002
The Life and Death of Buildings, Deep River, 2001
City Views, CSUSB Fullerton Museum, 2001
Gridded Paths, Pomona College Museum, 2000
Blur, Mesa College Art Gallery, 1997
Installation view, Dorothy Goldeen Gallery, 1993