Time Jitters
Grand Central Art Center
Santa Ana, CA
June 7 - August 10, 2014

Time Jitters, 2014, Installation view

Time Jitters, 2014 Installation view

Time Jitters, 2014 Installation view

Time Jitters is an exhibition of a series of artworks that take their point of departure from world news images from the New York Times. Included in the installation at Grand Central Art Center are gouache on paper paintings and a two-channel video installation.

The two channel projection Time Jitters juxtaposes a grid of twenty-five animations all of which loop at different rates becoming a cacophony of pulsing color and flickering imagery with a full frame narrative that links together the individual elements. The work as a whole is a meditation on how the media presents world events.

Also included is a grid of 40 gouache paintings. These 22 x 30 inch works on paper illustrate the cycle of regeneration - birth and growth, death and decay - collectively becoming a representation of the passage of time.

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